Карьера и работа в компании The Body Shop

Работа в компании The Body Shop

3,8Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
3,4Гарантия постоянной работы/возможности продвижения
3,9Корпоративная культура
Great retail experience
PRODUCT CONSULTANT (Бывший сотрудник) – Bethesda, MD – 12 декабря 2017
The store mostly focuses on sales. We establish the customers needs, demonstrate products for skin care or body and build a regimen (skin care) along with an incredible experience for them in order to make a long term client. I was led by great managers that cared a LOT about their workers. The hardest part of the job was keeping busy on down time - больше... and finding ways to be productive. My favorite part of the job were the wonderful people that I met (customers). The clientele was incredible. Body Shop (or the stores I worked at) attracted wonderful people into them. - меньше
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