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Работа в компании Ocado

2,6Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
2,9Гарантия постоянной работы/возможности продвижения
2,8Корпоративная культура
No Micromanagement.
CSTM Delivery Driver (Текущий сотрудник) – Hatfield, Hertfordshire – 18 марта 2019
As a CSTM it's a pretty simple life. You clock in, do your drops and clock out.
This is a job for people who like to work on their own and enjoy driving.
Managers are friendly but will usually treat any problems you are having as unimportant. This is fine as long as you accept that any problem solving/decisions that need to be done will ultimately - больше... be done by you.
In short if you are an independent worker that can problem solve on your own then this is a good and easy job. However if you are the type that needs constant direction and support you will be left hanging on that front.

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