Карьера и работа в компании BPP

Работа в компании BPP

3,1Баланс рабочего и свободного времени
2,9Гарантия постоянной работы/возможности продвижения
3,1Корпоративная культура
Great Place for Temporary Position - Not for Permanent
Customer Advisor (Бывший сотрудник) – Manchester, Greater Manchester – 29 мая 2018
During my time at BPP University I initially loved working there and was proud to be a BPP employer however you eventually realise that you will not recognised for any hard work, ideas or overtime you contribute to as it is demonstrated with so many former (and the unfortunate) current employers, that you can only progress far with this employer if - больше... you are with the right clique. - меньше
ПлюсыGreat colleagues
МинусыNo support or appreciation
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